Business Plan Creation


“Plans may not work, but planning does!” – Mike Moritz

A business plan is an important aspect to any business.  They help define the business, but more importantly they illustrate that the variables in the business have been thought through.  Writing a business plan can be laborious and is typically not a core competency of the entrepreneur writing it.  Arizona Venture Consulting helps alleviate that burden so that you can focus on building your business.

Executive Summaries

An executive summary is a typically the first document an investor will review to decide if they find the business exciting enough to learn more about it.  This is your one chance to persuade an investor to give you more of their valuable time. An executive summary should be concise and compelling, we can help you do just that.

Business Plan Development

Writing a business plan is time intensive and time is one thing most entrepreneurs could use more of.  Arizona Venture Consulting will save you time by helping perform market research and analysis, refining your business strategy, and creating a comprehensive business plan.

See a sample Business Plan Table of Contents here.

Business Plan Consulting

If you have the time, but not the budget we can help guide you in writing a business plan.  This can include general business plan consultations, guidance in your research, templates, and editorial reviews of your business plan.

Business Plan Review

You have a business plan, but you’re unsure it’s ready to present to potential investors.  We can provide an objective review before you deliver it to investors.


Taking a 30+ page business plan and reducing it to a dozen or so slides is no easy task.  We can help you design a succinct and persuasive presentation for investors, customers, or anyone you are discussing your business with.

Business Plan Creation

  • Business plan consulting
  • Business plan writing
  • Startup Strategy and planning
  • Market research and analysis
  • Operations and process improvement
  • Presentations for investors and customers
  • Pitch training

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